We Don’t Lose Things

We Don’t Lose Things is another one of my Mantras.  One that I find myself saying more often now that I am over a half-century old.

Oh, well.

It is a great thing to self-talk because really, you don’t lose things.  You may have misplaced it or put it down somewhere you can’t remember, but you really don’t lose things.

Why is this important?

Well, for one thing it saves hours.  Hours you spend looking over and under the same things you just looked over and under for the keys, phone, card, whatever.  Instead of looking, tell yourself, “You don’t lose things.” And stop looking.  It always turns up. Always.

Just found a phone in a drawer in my bedside table.  How did it get there? Not sure. But, it is found now.  Been lost for about a month.

Saying to yourself, “I don’t lose things”, also saves mind space.  Instead of wondering and rethinking and reliving what you have been doing since you lost the item, you are free to think about what is for supper, what is next on your to-do list, your scripture memory, etc.  Your mind is free, and you are free from the ball and chain of reliving your past 3 days.

It also saves you from going coo-coo crazy.  Instead of going round and round in warp speed about “Where could ‘it’ be?”, or “Why am I always losing things?”, and other unhelpful self-talk.

You then replace the negative tape with the powerful, “You don’t lose things.”

 And you wait.

 And soon- days, weeks, maybe even a year- the item turns up!

Albert Einstein said,” Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

And we know We are Not Crazy.

This mantra also saves worry.

The check is somewhere- not in the hands of a burglar.
 The key is somewhere, not in the trash, headed to the dump.
The gift cards are somewhere.

I had lost my stack of gift cards for a year and then found them in a bag with some photo album supplies.  I had put them there when I was cleaning out a wallet for a trip and forgotten that they were in the bag with the memorabilia for said trip.

So remember the SURSEE for the Day is You Don’t Lose Things.


You have just misplaced it, and it will be found.

 Remember to say it outloud, “I Don’t Lose Things,” and then move on in your day and be ready to find it…whatever it is.

Disclaimer- While working on this blog, “I Lost” several things and soon found them hours or days later.

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