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A Fine Romance by Susan Branch



A wonderful read


Oh my, is this ever a delightful book.  Now you have to understand I am a Susan Branch-o-phile.  I have her calendars, scrapbooking supplies, garlands, stickers and more.   I have even been to Martha’s Vineyard and stood across the street from her white clapboard house, willing her to come out.

Susan, are you home?

Susan, are you home?


Susan Branch Backyard

I heard the chairs calling my name, “Leslie, Leslie!”

I also longingly looked in her back yard and thought for a moment, I might steal a nap in her Aidorondack chairs….but I didn’t and I am still in the depths of despair over it.

Maureen, my partner in crime  in Susan's driveway

Maureen, my partner in crime, in Susan’s driveway

But back to the book.  This is a wonderful travel diary of Susan Branch and her hubby, Joe, as they travel in style across the Atlantic and then all over  England. She fills it with her winsome watercolors and stories about the charm and Britishness of all she sees.


I want to paint like this!

I loved how she took her paints and her knitting and sometimes found time to knit by a pub fireplace or paint on a dreary rainy day while she waited out the bad weather.


she writes in her own handwriting- not kidding!

The book is filled with her wonderful watercolors and illustrations and chatty conversation.

You feel like you are on the trip with Susan, and she is such a good travel companion.  She talks of what she sees and tastes and lets you know all her thoughts. I wanted to go on the  trip with the Bear after reading the book.

Susan talks of  ideas and thoughts and captures your imagination.  I had to force myself to read in bite size pieces because I didn’t want to finish it!  She includes recipes and travel plans and maps and all that you need to go on your own trip of trips.


recipe for butter cookies

So look over here on her website and purchase for your favorite gal-pal.  It will be a SURSEE she won’t easily forget.  Or make sure you put it on your wish list or gal, why not go out and get it right now!  SURSEE yourself!

Do you like reading travel literature, and if so, what are your favorites? Do share.

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