What I Saw on Vacation :: Vacay Sursees

I always love sharing with you what I saw on vacation.  I was in New Mexico this summer for a visit and here are some of the Sursees I saw that jazzed me.  Hope you enjoy seeing some of the surprises I found.

Hollyhocks- makes me think of pioneers and a grandmother’s garden. Wish I could grow these in Texas!  Also, I really want an Aspen tree in my backyard here.


Thundering, black clouds building up in the desert! Yay!  Loved being in our cabin when the rain was falling and the thunder was rumbling.  So reminded me of the power of the Lord.

Love me some rain storms

A lime green Carmen Ghia- only in Taos.  Only.

Carmen Ghia only Taos

Loved this valley as a little girl and love it now.  So much time has passed, but this place looks the same.  Thankful for the beauty of the Rio Costillia.

Rio Costillia

A view from our pizza joint.  Made the ‘zah taste better for sure.

View from Pizza Place

Came around the corner on the trail and saw this.  A little stone chair. Who made it?  Love.

Stone Throne

Love the way the blue paint contrasts with the adobe.  Made me want to paint our backyard gate this color!

love the turquoise

Watched a helicopter carry buckets and buckets  of cement to build a new ski lift- who would believe that is how they do it?

Building Ski lifts

Love all the weathered wood and ancient doors I saw.  What is behind this one? How long has it been here?  Love the cut of the lintel.

Beautiful gates

Next time you go out on vacation, look for the Sursees and share.  #VacationSursees

Would love to see what you find interesting or intriguing or beautiful.

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