What my mentor gives me

She gives me real life.  Up close and personal.

Humor.  We laugh and laugh together.  About funny things and sometimes about serious things.

She makes me want to know Jesus more because she knows Jesus more.  I want to spend more time with Him after I spend time with her.

She gives me wisdom. Wisdom from His word that she has gleaned from walking with Him for many years.  Wisdom that she gathered from her time with Him that morning! New and old.  Both coming out.

Courage.  To do the right things.  The hard things.  To say no.  To say Yes, Yes!  To love.  To forgive.  To be real.  To not give up.

She reminds me of what I know is true.  And reminds me to go back to that truth.  Over and over.

She doesn’t try to change me.  But she does change me in that I want to pursue Jesus more after I spend time with her.

The Sursee I see in her is to be real.  To love Jesus and to spend time with Him.  Simple, yes.  And easy to pass on…

Are you a mentor to someone?  Are you passing simple Sursees on to someone?  Can you start today?

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