Why I Write Sursee

I recently attended a wonderful Blogging Conference in August and last week slogged through a virtual Blogging Boot Camp.  Both of these events have helped solidify why I am writing, so I thought I would share with you some of the whys behind SURSEE.

Sursee- an unexpected surprise that brings you joy

I write to connect you to ideas and thoughts that encourage–things I am thinking, things you are thinking, books I am reading, quotes I am loving and life I am living.

I write to mentor the mom coming behind me, who is needing encouragement and a reminder that this too shall pass.  I want to remind her that what she is experiencing is normal. She also needs the SURSEE of a new recipe to make tonight!, a recommendation for a new book to read, or a story that reminds her to go back to Jesus. He is more than enough.

I write to side by side mentor the mom walking next to me in this season of life who needs encouragement to keep looking for SURSEES when that nest is empty or almost empty. She needs a little spark of fun or a new recipe or an exhortation to be right where she is in life and embrace it.

I write to hear what you are thinking about or writing, so I can share here.

I write to provide community-connections-learning as we all lean into Jesus more and more and grow in grace.

I love that you read this and love hearing from you.  Let me know if there is something you would like to read here.  Thanks for listening. Go and be a SURSEE for someone or pass on a SURSEE to a soul who needs it, which would be everyone!

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