Words for the End of the School Year :: Dear Middle School Mom,

Tips for May transitionsHere it is May again, and I always feel busy during this month and I don’t even have kids at home!  A friend told me once, “Never schedule anything for May.  No doctor appointments, no lunches with friends, no nothing.”  I think she is right.  There is enough crazy without me scheduling in more.

May is the end of the school year and the time of graduations and moving on.  Even with grown kids, I find May to be a month of transition.  So I looked back in the files of Sursee Gal and found this Letter to Middle School Moms, and I bring it back to you because I think it might be just the encouragement you need right now. Even if your child isn’t about to enter high school, I think there are some truths here to get you looking down the path with hope.   I am praying that as you face this time of transition and endings and beginnings  you will see the Lord in the middle of it all and that you don’t have to go it alone.  So read on dear friend and be encouraged.

Could you pass this on to a mom who might be struggling with this time of year?  That would be an awesome Sursee!
Dear Middle School Mom,

As I look back over my 11 years at our school, I remember what it was like to have a middle school student just beginning here. For those of you who don’t know me, I have four sons and my youngest is about to graduate in a few short weeks.
Gretchen Rubin author of The Happiness Project, says, “The days are long, but the years are short.”  And I am here to tell you, that is true!
So here, at the end of these years,  as I am rounding the corner and heading toward the finish line, I wanted to encourage you with some truths I have learned along the way.
First, I want you to know it has been a good ride.  And, yes, the work was worth it !
I want to exhort you as a mom to not be afraid.  No fear!   God is in control of all the details of your life and your child’s life. Your child will go to college somewhere when it is time. I promise.
Mom, No comparing.  It robs you of all joy.   No one else can be you with your gifts and talents.  No one else has the same child you do.  So, No comparing, friend.
Embrace life and all the ups and downs of mothering.  When we say yes and embrace wherever God has us, we are saying, “I trust You Lord, and  I believe You are in control.”
Middle school is the pitts.  It just is.  It was when you were in middle school. And it still is.  But, Your child’s class will survive. Your child will survive. And I promise, YOU will survive. The mean girls will get nice and the goofy boys will grow up. So encourage your child that this is true, and teach them how to extend grace.
Pray for the kids in your child’s class. Get to know the kids in your child’s class. God is using them to shape and mold your child.  The small classes here are like  your family, you don’t get to choose your family, and  yet, you love them and accept them. Show your child how to love those who are not like them. And in the end, when they graduate, you will be amazed how your class jelled and came together.
It is not too hard for them up here.  It is work, but it is not too hard.  Learning and being engaged is demanding and it requires discipline, but it is not too hard.  It is a new way to study.  A new way to think.  It is worth it.  There are no shortcuts.
Latin is one of the most important subjects your child can take.  Have them take as many years of it as possible.
Read. Read the books your child is reading.  Read the school newsletter.  Life works better when you are in the know.  Read your emails from your Class Mom. In fact, be the class mom one year.
Join up and join in. Our school works best when you participate. Serve on a committee.  Come to the parent meetings.  Head up something.  You might meet a new friend. Attend Moms in Touch.  Pursue friendships with other moms up here.  You will be thankful you have others to walk through these years with you.
Believe in the professors.  Get to know them.  Pray for them. Speak words of life to them. And, speak well about them to your child.
Make breakfast for your child.  It really is the most important meal of the day.
Go to events that involve the older students at your school.  See the finished product.  It will encourage you.  It will give you hope and fuel you to inspire your child through the years. Go to Declamation.  Attend the Ladies Tea.  Send your son to the Men’s Cook-out every year. Sit front row and center for the plays.   When you see the seniors and older students at these events, you will see what the target is and so will your child.
Attend all the different sporting events.  Lots of conversations and life happens there.  On that note, get your student involved in sports here. Character work goes on here that you don’t want them to miss.  Plus, it will be some of their favorite memories.  And yours.
Drive a carpool to a school event.  You learn so much.  Enough said.
Go to bed.  Teach your child to go to bed.  A good night sleep cures almost everything and things always look better in the morning.
Kiss and hug.  A lot.  Before they go to school and when they get home. Even when they are a senior.  Even when they are a boy.
Use less words with your kids and Believe in them.  They know the right thing to do.
So Middle school mom, this school isn’t a perfect place, but it is a great place.  And, it really is worth it.


  1. Love this Leslie! Thank you for encouraging us to keep the end goal in sight! Can’t believe I will be here before too long.

    • Yes, gal. It is closer than you think….but you will be ready because you are trusting the Lord and His good timing. xoxo

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