You Can Raise Great Boys: Use your Big Muscles

You can raise great boys


When the boys were little one of my mantras was:

Go Outside and Use Your Big Muscles.

I don’t remember where I got that, but it worked for me.   I think lots of times I used an exclamation mark at the end of that sentence!

When things got a little hectic inside, I sent them outside.

When I got a little hectic on the inside, I sent them outside.

When homeschool time was breaking down all around me, I sent them outside.

Use Your Big Muscles!

It was never too cold.

Or Too hot.  Or Too wet, that theycould not go outside.  Rain Play is awesome- as long as there is no lightning.

Cold snowy play- the best.

Use your big muscles when it is cold

Fun in the sun on a hot day- bring the hose.

Use your big musclesSometimes I would go outside  with them, too.  I would bring my handwork or a magazine and be out there with them.  Or sometimes, I brought nothing but my rattled brain and just sat.

And sat.

The kids liked it when I was out there because they could show me things they found in the backyard.  Or I could praise their basketball prowess or jumping or bike riding.  It settled the air.  Helped all of us to see things in a new way.  God’s creation has a way of doing that.

I also think this mantra is  great advice for you, Mom.

Use Your Big Muscles.

What have you done today, to use your big muscles? One friend I have says she is going to move every day.  She inspires me to  Do Something Everyday.  Like a walk around the block.  Some stretching on the floor.  A quick run.  A yoga DVD.

We need it.  Our kids need it.

A little side note.  I wanted to make sure and say I believe this is true for raising girls.  They need the outdoors and the Big Muscle Time, too.  I just didn’t have any of those around here, but my friends did and would second this advice.

So the next time the melt downs start in your house, use the great outdoors and get them outside and using those big muscles.  They will thank you for it.  It is a little SURSEE I learned along the way of raising boys.




  1. I love your Pic Monkey skills!! Again–another one of your “fun” and perfect “in the moment” sayings that we young moms all need–I was the one who needed to go outside today and use my big muscles! So, I got out and took the kids with me on a walk just around the block. Fresh air, and a fresh perspective indeed! Love you–keep the sursees coming!

    • My Pic Monkey skills are a little bananas! Took me soooo long! I need a VA! I’m glad the post encouraged you to get out and MoVe! You are the best! I am still percolating on names for your special project. We need you to write!

  2. yes, it works for both! just this afternoon my husband and i needed some “time out from kids” so we sent them out in the sunshine while we watched a movie. (of course i kept the windows open so i could keep an eye-always a momma) they pulled out toys they hadn’t used in ages and used their imaginations to have fun for almost two hours. and we watched a documentary-does that count for using my big muscle?? 🙂

  3. You betcha! That so counts! I am proud of you, gal. Sounds like your kids had a great time also.