Yummy Potatoes

I was looking for a yummy scalloped potato recipe to serve with my brisket this past summer.  The recipe I had just didn’t seem right.  It is great, but not for this night.  Has lots of Gruyere cheese and is very rich.  Will share sometime.  I needed a SURSEE.

 So I knew my friend the Pioneer Woman would be able to help me out and she suggested a darling individual scalloped potato recipe.  I made it for a big group, and the little taters were so yummy.  Not a hard recipe to do- I actually made it with one of my sons, and it was fun.

We had a big group to eat that night and the college boys gave it a thumbs up.  This is a perfect recipe to jazz up leftovers, too. That is one of my secrets- when I have leftovers, I try to make one SPECIAL addition and that seems to make the leftovers look awesome.  Try it.

Do you have a good Scalloped Potato recipe?


  1. Wonderful Leslie, that is a fun last picture! Loved getting caught up on all of your goodness on the blog!


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