Saturday Sursee :: A Piece of Fashion Advice that Never Ages

This is one of the best pieces of fashion advice I have received in my life. Hope it helps you.

A friend told me this in college.  She said her mama told her, so now I am telling you.  From mama, to college roomie to Sursee Gal to you; here is a piece of advice that will change your world.  Not really, but it is good.

You Can Always afford a good haircut

Seriously,  a haircut is such a pick me up.  Don’t you love getting your hair washed….and snip, snipped?  Then blown dry to perfection.  I always feel like a million bucks when I leave the salon. This is therapy gals.  Tried and true. A confidence builder. And remember, be bold. Daring.  Your hair will grow back.

Is it time for you to get a hair cut?

So what is a piece of Fashion Advice, a Fashion Sursee, you have gleaned along the way?  Do tell.  I will be back with more nuggets I have gleaned, if you are interested…


Saturday Sursee :: Looking for Spring

Don’t you love looking for spring?  The trees are blooming, the flowers are in full gorgeousness.  Everyday is a new day in our yard as everything wakes up from winter.  It is a wonderful reminder that God is alive and present and working.  Out of the dead brown comes the fresh green.

Spring flowers5

Are you looking for it?  Are you seeing it change?


Springis here


What are you seeing around your yard?



springflowers5  springflowers3 springflowers2

What Spring Sursees do you see?  Do tell.


He is Risen! He is Risen, Indeed!


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The In Between Time :: The Day Before Easter

Spring flowers

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Saturday Sursee :: An Easy Appetizer- Sunflower Seed Studded Goat Cheese and Crackers

Easy Appetizer

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Saturday Sursee :: A Cool Mint

Saturday Sursee- an amazing mint

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What’s for Supper :: A Few Ideas to Share with Your College Kids

Easy recipes  college kids will use

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Saturday Sursee :: Thank You Note Sursee

Thank you note Sursees

Just wanted to share with you this darling card that a gal made for me recently.  She works at the Dry Cleaner I use, and we chat and visit when I come in to drop off shirts.  I had given her a little Sursee and Christmas card this past year.  The … [Continue reading]

Homeschooling Ideas That Work :: What We Listened to in the Car and at Home

Learning while you drive around

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Sursees Galore :: Smoked Paprika, Alstroemeria and Snow Days

Smoked Paprika Sursee

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