Coming Back from Vacation

Red RIver Rainstorm


Came back from the mountains to the heat of a Texas summer.  Drove down I35  seeing all the car lots and warehouses and wondered where my mountains were.

I had joked when I was in the mountains that maybe coffee tasted better there…

I was wondering as we drove into the city, why do I live here?  It’s ugly. Flat. Hot. Blah, blah, blah.  Do you feel that when you get back from a vacation?

Then the next day on Sunday morning, when I attended church, the Lord reminded me why I live here.  Why this is home.

In the sanctuary I saw friends, dear and old. I saw friends that were new to me.  I saw people whom I go to church with and don’t really know, but I recognize them.

My church family.  Some with names not yet known.

Singers on stage- some I know, some I just feel like I know from weeks of seeing.

I hoped to catch her eye and waited to smile back at her.  I looked around and saw my church family.  I felt close to bursting with a love for those I am worshipping with on this Sunday morning and thanking the Lord for all these friends in my church family.

It is the People.  It is the relationships.  It is not a place or topography that makes you happy.  It is the neighbors and friends and church members you hold dear that make a place a home.  It is years of investing in friendships and people that make you feel full. Home.

Then today, I talked with a friend who also reminded me that she felt like she was home for the first time when she became a believer and landed in church. Her new Home.  Ahh. Feels good.

Later this week I take a walk in the neighborhood, and I see some friends and we talk and share breakfast.  Feels good to be together.   I call her later that day and say how great it was to see her and catch up. To hear stories of her college age daughter and her summer adventures.  Home.

Vacation was fun, exciting and it was good to escape from the day to day and the media, but ever so good to come home.

So do you have the vacation blues?  The “it’s way better there” thinking?  Remember the Lord gave you the peeps of your home, neighborhood, church to remind you it is not the place but the peeps that make a home. What a sursee to come home and see this.

Ultimately our home is with the Lord.  It is in Him we find our rest.  Our home.

He uses these people to remind me of these truths.  Thank you, Lord, for these Sursees, these relationships.  These reminders of what home truly is.  What are you doing to remind others or yourself of your home? Do tell.


Flags- The Summer Sursee Decoration

Planting Flags 2

I love our nation’s flag.  The red and white stripes.  The star studded blue.  They are the perfect accessory to your outdoors.  They add a pop of color to your landscape and bring energy and fun as they wave in the breeze.  Nothing like it.

In the summer, I pop them in the ground.  In a pot.  Flags in a potNothing better than the red, white and blue outlining your garden beds.  So festive and patriotic.  Some little towns I know of decorate with big flags on Fourth of July- marching down the side of the road leading into town.  Wow, what a welcome.

Flags make me smile.  A perfect Summer Sursee.  Right up there with Morning Glories and kids with googles on at the swimming pool.  And  Cherry Limeades.  Oh, I could keep going.

Flags are not hard to find.  I have seen them at Target, Home Depot, Sample House and Lowe’s.  I am sure you could also get some on Amazon.  Yep, right here.

Buy a pack or two and plant them in the ground for A Happy Birthday to the USA and a celebration of Summer.


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