Sursee Saturday :: Finding the Unexpected and Sharing with You

Sursee Saturday

Hey y’all.  I am starting Sursee Saturday today!  This will be a place for me to share something new that I have found or something that I am digging  and want you to try, too. Just a quick read and off you go on your Saturday.


Today it is a creamer that I was introduced to by my sweet friend, Carol Bee.  Because milk products don’t sit too well in my tummy, I was interested in this creamer made from coconut milk.  The plain version is super yummy and adds a sweetness that I like to my cuppa joe.  It also comes in flavors- Hazelnut and French Vanilla.

I like it because it makes my coffee feel a little more elegant and special occasion- kind of like an updo for coffee.  My coffee says thanks for the Sursee.

Try some soon and let me know how you liked it.



Mentoring Matters :: An Easy Definition of a Mentor

Picture a twisting, winding path. Picture two women walking, but one is a little further down the path about to turn a corner.  Before she turns she looks back and sees the woman behind her struggling, bowed down by the weight of her doubts or fears- her life.  
Instead of turning the corner and walking away, the woman further down the path turns around and goes back to the struggling woman and joins her.   
Mentoring is as simple and complex as this word picture.  Two women walking together along the path we call life.  Side by side, just sharing life.  And leaving no one behind.  An older woman further down the path turning around, walking back and joining a younger woman on the journey.  Joining her not to tell her what to do, but joining her to encourage.  To listen.  To remind the younger woman to go back to the truth that she knows.  To listen and be the one who says, “Yes, I remember that.”  To remind the younger woman that she is not alone.  To point her back to Jesus and remind her in Him she has all that she needs and He is walking with her, too. 
As women we need to hear that we are not alone.  This is often the magical moment when friendships are cemented.  The simple declaration that I understand or I remember, and I will walk with you- this is mentoring. 

So the SURSEE today is are you Mentoring or being Mentored?  We should all be doing both….let me know.


Summer Homeschooling :: Time to Get Ready for Fall

August Homeschool

I realized that I have a tab on my blog home page about Homeschooling, but I never write about it!  So I am going to start adding in a few blurbs here and there.   I was thinking a good place to start would be the Summer planning I did.  Maybe if you … [Continue reading]

Declare Conference Here I come

Sursee Gal Chair Collection

I am going to a writing conference  next week called Declare and in order to get to know the others attending we were asked to answer these four questions.  I thought you guys might enjoy reading a little more about me, too.  Of course, I didn’t … [Continue reading]

What I Saw on Vacation :: Vacay Sursees

Beautiful gates

I always love sharing with you what I saw on vacation.  I was in New Mexico this summer for a visit and here are some of the Sursees I saw that jazzed me.  Hope you enjoy seeing some of the surprises I found. Hollyhocks- makes me think of pioneers … [Continue reading]

What to Cook Tonight :: Lessons in Hospitality

Pork Tenderloins  Lessons in Hospitality

Received a text from one of the kids: I am trying to think of things to make this week for dinner.  Any ideas? How many times have you asked a friend that very same question? This is one of the reasons I like watching cooking shows.  I feel … [Continue reading]

Coming Back from Vacation

Red RIver Rainstorm

  Came back from the mountains to the heat of a Texas summer.  Drove down I35  seeing all the car lots and warehouses and wondered where my mountains were. I had joked when I was in the mountains that maybe coffee tasted better … [Continue reading]

Flags- The Summer Sursee Decoration

Planting Flags 2

I love our nation's flag.  The red and white stripes.  The star studded blue.  They are the perfect accessory to your outdoors.  They add a pop of color to your landscape and bring energy and fun as they wave in the breeze.  Nothing like it. In … [Continue reading]

A Sursee for Father’s Day

Father's Day

Today, make your husband or dad's day by telling them what you love about them. Everyone of us needs to hear we are doing a good job and that someone notices.  So today, if you still have your Dad, tell him how awesome he is and thank him for all … [Continue reading]

Take Before Photos of the Quirky

In life we tend to just take the after photos.  Rushing to get to the end, we miss documenting where we began. Recently we had our handyman come and install a light for our closet.  We did have a light: a rickety old pull chain hanging down from a … [Continue reading]