Sursee Gal Goes Ital :: Desserts Italiano Style

desserts 4

We ate a lot of sweets over in Italy and you will be glad to know that I documented them all.  Well, almost all.  Well, not even close really.  Craig and I were fascinated and amazed at the Pasticerrias when we were not in the  Gelaterias.  Now we couldn’t pronounce either one.  We always accented the wrong syllable which made it difficult when we were trying to get directions to one! People would shake their heads and not have a clue as to what we were saying.

But, we were successful in scouting out the sweets so here are a few of the yummies we tried.

We love gelato.  Craig even got birthday money to buy his fill.

desserts 3

It is an art here.

desserts 5

SO here is my artsy shot….

desserts 6

I like the Lemon; Craig the Chocolate.

Pasticerrias.   A bakery full of yumminess. We loved looking at all the goodies and picking out our fav. On this day we one we tried this little puppy which was a shortbread cookie filled with apricot and dusted with powdered sugar. I believe we visited this place more than once!  I also loved the shortbread cookie below that is dipped in chocolate.

desserts 8


At one of these pasticerrias we found this ginormous curl of chocolate.  That is all it was.  My friend, Leslie had to have one of these.

Chocolate shavings sursee


The bakery had a whole plate just loaded with these. Can you believe it?

chocolate sursees 2

We also had this little beaut.  Kind of like the above apricot cookie and a Linzer cookie mix.  Enjoyed this while sitting on a bench in Volterra and reading.

desserts 1

Early on our trip, we found out that different regions had different desserts that represented  that region. While in Naples, we had this pastry at our B&B- pure bliss.  It was a flaky, puff-pastry type crust with a custardy filling.

desserts 12

It was warm and crispy and creamy. Oh MY.  Later I saw this sign in Positano and figured out what it was called. I can NOT pronounce it.

desserts 14

Of course we had to have some donuts, ‘ala Naples style with our Caffe. Craig got the cream filled and I, the glazed, dusted in sugar of course.  So puffy and yeasty. #DonutLove.  We were walking a ton down there on the Amalfi Coast and climbing loads of stairs so I decided it was ok to splurge.

desserts 13

One night when we were eating in Siena, I saw the gal next to me order this and thought I have to have it. Have to.  Panna cotta.  A vanilla-ish custard that was cold and smooth and amazing.  You would have wanted one.  I thought I was going to split with Craig, but looking back I think I ate more than 1/2.  I think I could make this?

desserts 10

On our last night when we ate dinner with our friends, the daughter made this Tiramisu for us.  The classic Italiano Dessert made for us by a real Italian, Lara.

Dessert 16

desserts 11


Yes.  It was Delish, made with love for us and shared around a table of great conversation and laughter.  The best dessert I had the whole trip!

Isn’t that true though, that the food we enjoy with family and friends tastes so sweet.  Lots of stuff happens around a table.  Can we look for ways to this holiday to encourage and love and linger around our tables and enjoy the Sursees of Desserts?  I also have to know what desserts  you look forward to this time of year?  Do tell.


Sursee Gal Goes Ital :: Hospitality Sursees

Hospitality Sursees

We stayed in a lot of different types of places while we were gone.

A Bed and Breakfast in the city.  A Bed and Breakfast out of the city.  A vacation house high on a hill.  A modern Italian hotel.  An old hotel in the center of town.  A charming house just outside of the town where only adults could check in.  An agriturissmo, complete with chickens running free and fields of grapevines at the ready.

In each of these places I found Hospitality Sursees or new ideas for how to welcome a guest.  Let me share a few and maybe you will get some new ideas for any guests coming in for the holidays….

This little place in Naples had the most gorgeous linens on the bed.  I was a tad afraid to lay my head down on the embroidered pillowcase.

hospitality sursees 6

For our breakfast they rolled this little cart in with our fresh squeezed orange juice, hot coffee, a sliced melon from the market and so much more.

hospitality sursees 9

hospitality sursees 12

Any one have a rolling cart they can roll into the bedroom for breakfast in bed?

Also check out this Murano Glass Chandy….Wow-Zah!  I love how this family had this in our little rented room.

hosptitality sursees 8

Check out the towel hangers in this vacation home in Positano.  These branches of wood reminded me of antlers.

hospitality sursees 16


And look at these shelves for me to unpack and organize all my toiletries.  This was a nice touch because some of the places we stayed there was no place to put my junk.  I need to remember to give guests a place, a flat surface to unpack toiletries.

hospitality sursees 15


In this lush hotel, we had these awesome wooden drawers to unpack our things into.


hospitality sursees 11



I made full use of them for the one night we stayed there! Ha. I thought these glass front drawers would be such a fun thing to have in our closet at home.


hospitality sursees 10

When we walked into our agriturismo room, a little apartment really, she had a fresh flower on the table. And love that lace tablecloth.

Hospitality Sursee 3

At this regal B&B, she had whole vase of roses in the hallway outside of our bedroom.  Yes, they were real. I had to check…


Hospitality sursees 4

Back at the farm, she presented such a pretty table each morning.  I loved the butter curls.

hospitality sursees 14

Think I will have to find one of those serrated, curvy tools to make butter curls at Thanksgiving or our next dinner.  Aren’t they just simple, yet fancy?

She also had special spoons for all the different jars and jellies and sugars.  This one was kind of like a little shovel.

hospitality sursees 16


She used  this chest with the glass doors to keep her silverware and tableware organized. Brilliant.

hospitality sursees 15

Check out how this place had their name embroidered on the towels and the sheets.

hospitality sursess 7


And by the way, these were the dreamiest sheets.  Made in Italy, of course.  I’m on the hunt for some sheets like these if anyone has any suggestions.  Can’t ever understand the thread count, etc.  Will be doing some research and will let you know.

The place above also had names for their rooms, and I thought that would be fun for our house.

Hospitality Sursees 5


I kind of do that right now, we have the Creative Room, The Cottage and the Mr and Mrs Suite. Maybe I just need some signs! I also noted that lots of the houses had names, so we threw some around.  Villa St Cloud sounds pretty good to me.

Hospitality is about all the extra touches that show your guest you were thinking about them and we are told to Practice Hospitality.

 contributing to the needs of the saints, practicing hospitality. Romans 12:13

What do you do to show your family and friends hospitality when they come stay with you?  Do tell…



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