Wild Obedience :: Sursees from Declare 2014

Declare Conference 2014

Recently I attended a writing conference and wanted to let you know some of the things I learned. But, how do you wrap up and write about a three day long event with hundreds of conversations and inspiring speakers and Sursees galore at our table every time we sat down?  I am talking awesome gifts at our table every meal.  Heaven!

Here are some of my thoughts, impressions and take homes- the Sursees of Declare 2014.  Hope you enjoy.  I know a bunch of you were praying for me, and I thank you for that.

50+ gals.

Met some really awesome women there and one of my prayers was answered as I was able to meet other blogging gals in my age category which is “50+ awesomeness”.  This is a real age category, I promise.  Looking forward to what will come out of new friendships and talks of mentoring.

Learning the ways of the Jedi.

I learned some amazing techie things from Crystal Stine,  Holly Homer, Katie Orr, Erin Mohring,  Rachel Ann Ridge and Jess Connolly.  Each of these women could have single handedly taught me every minute of the conference, and they would still be talking today because they have so much awesome blogging wisdom.  Please go check out their blogs and be amazed at their talent and passions. Their love for Jesus is gorgeous.

Mood boards.

Still trying to figures out how to do these.  Love the idea.  Would love to show you, once I get it figured out. Pure creativity and fun.  A way to express, to document, to hold all the pieces of your life in one place. Inspired.

“Bittily, buffly, boo!  A tweet, latergram, You-Hoo!”  

That is what some of the info sounded like to me when we talked about Social Media stuff.  The words to a Disney princess song or at least her fairy godmother’s song.  But I am soldiering on through the notes that I feverishly wrote and the ideas I jotted down on scraps of paper about the things I wanted to try.  Frankly, it made me brain hurt a little bit at times.

Wild Obedience.

The theme of the conference was Wild Obedience, and we were encouraged on all fronts to pursue this idea, this lifestyle and we were reminded it looks different on everyone.

I think for me it is going to be in the small everyday things that I need to learn to wildly obey.  The things that don’t look like they matter and yet they do, because God is calling me to these little things.  These daily acts of obedience.


I have such a heart for this and talked with so many women about what that looks like and if they are experiencing it in their real lives. No, was the common answer. I was also meeting other bloggers who had this heart for mentoring.  Praying for future opportunities.  So life giving to me.  One step of obedience for me is to write more here on Sursee Gal about mentoring and what that looks like.


With new friends at meal times.  Learning. Growing.  Getting to know someone I only read and know online is a surreal experience.  I love that Stacey Thacker and Kate Battestelli are the real deal.  Kindred spirits and just like I imagined them to be.  So fun to have conversations and share hearts and get to know women who love to write.


Long and loud with my roomie. Staying up too late.  Getting up early to walk each morning around the lake. Sharing stories.  Lots of good soul work with a dear friend.  Thank you, Jacki.


There were so many gals I saw during the conference that I wish that I had had time to sit down and talk to, all the more reason to come back next year.  The Hostesses did a fabu job keeping us fed, organized, entertained, educated and inspired.  Thank you Kristin,  Eryn,  Michelle and Heather.

Here’s to Wild Obedience, Declare 2015 and Sursees !


Sursee Saturday :: Felt Ball Trivet


Sursee Saturday Trivet

I love felted wool and saw this trivet made of felted wool balls and thought it was super cute.   Fun.  Happy.   I love when something that is useful is also beautiful.

great quotes about beauty

I have it sitting on my table.  What do you have on your table that makes you happy?  That speaks life?  That is beautiful to you?

It doesn’t have to cost much, no true Sursee does.

Comb through your cabinets and pull something out that brings you joy- speaks life to you- is beautiful to you! Then let me know what you found in the comments below.  Would love to hear the Sursee you found.




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