Sursee Gal’s Cure for Burns :: Pass the Mustard, Please!

Mustard bottles

Here is a super great tip that you are not going to want to forget.  Well, if you are like me and sometimes burn yourself when you are cooking, you will not want to forget this!

The other day I was cooking and cooking and pulled a hot cookie tray out of the oven, and when I put it on the stove top, I knocked over my olive oil.  As I reached for the olive oil, the pan jostled, the hot pad fell out of my hand and my now bare hand gripped the pan full on and yEEOWWWW!   I burned my finger and palm as I gripped the pan full on.

I immediately grabbed a piece of ice and then remembered that is not the correct remedy so I googled what do you do when you burn your hand?  So love the internet at times like these. I scanned the first few entries and spied the mustard cure.

What? Mustard? Plain ‘ol yellow mustard? Yes. Yes. Yes.

I squeezed a large blop of it on my very sore and blistered hand and felt some relief.  As it soaked in and a few minutes passed, the pain started to fade.  Reading further, the article suggested placing a gauze bandage and tape over the mustard poultice which I did for the afternoon.  I removed it after about 3 hours and washed it.  The burn hurt a little as I showered and the hot water hit it, but not as bad as I expected.

That night at my dinner party, my hand felt a tad sore, but not like usual when I have a burn.  The next morning was the clincher for this remedy.  No big giant blister and I could bend my fingers with no pain.

mustard cure1

A miracle I say!

Go out and buy yourself a jug of that French’s mustard and be ready for your next burn…Sursee Gal over and out.

4 Great Podcasts to Follow



podcast pic

Listening to podcasts is fun for me.  I listen while I put on my makeup or drive in the car or fold laundry or iron…you get the picture.  Have you ever listened to a PodCast?  It is not hard to download through the Podcast App on  your iPhone or on your computer. I subscribe to a few and listen to them while I work or walk or drive.

I am a learner and I find listening to a variety of podcasts is stimulating to my creativity-kind of like going to an art museum or being outside in nature feeds me.   Another perk of podcasts is you can listen with your older kids.  Sitting side by side in the car listening to a podcast is great for teens.  They need loads of creativity at this stage of life to spark their imaginations, and it is important for them to hear about all the jobs and possibilities that are out there.

So check out my favs below.

Happier with Gretchen Rubin

Such a fun listen.  Gretchen and her sister Elizabeth talk about all kinds of ways to live and work: like new creative habits to try, or suggesting ideas for how not to procrastinate, to giving you permission to stop reading a book.  What?

I like the Try it at Home Tips she gives.  I have read her Happiness Project book and the sequel and gleaned so many fun, creative SURSEES from her.  When I listen to Gretch and Elizabeth, I feel like I am sitting with my gal pals sharing and connecting.  You will be encouraged.  The link above leads to her site and also gives the deets about her podcast.  I would love to hear what you think about her Gold Stars.  Fun to listen with your kids and discuss or try some of her ideas.

The Accidental Creative by Todd Henry

This guy is just plain interesting and also talks with all kinds of intriguing people.  One of my favorite episodes was when he talked about Your Collective  about the relationships we should surround ourself with to help us do our best work.  Fascinating.  I would go back and listen to it again. Love his tagline at the end- “Don’t be a cover band.  Cover bands don’t change the world.” Yeah, baby!  Good for teens.

God Centered Mom by Heather MacFadyen

Back to the gals.  Heather is an awesome podcaster over at The God Centered Mom and talks with so many different people.   She encourages no matter what life stage you are in.  I am often forwarding her podcasts to other women; Heather is a great resource.  From talking about movies you can watch with your kids to learning new ideas about discipline, to trusting God in the hard times,  her interviews are always helpful and succinct and make you want to know and love more.  Love Heather!  Listen to Heather and I talk here.

Smart Passive Income with Pat Flynn

Pat Flynn is all over the place talking to entrepreneurs, bloggers, business owners.  I found an amazing Banana Cream Pie recipe after I listened to this gal from The Woodland Bakery and heard how she grew her business and blog through an online presence and videos.  Her pies are Amazing! Craig and I have also listened to a few and have had some interesting discussions afterward about career and life.  A great place to be inspired.  Also a good listen with your teenagers.

Tell me what you think about these podcasts and also share what podcasts you are digging.  I am always surprised when people say they don’t listen to podcasts or haven’t heard about the ones I like.  So do tell in the comments and help us all get smarter!







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