My Summertime Goal :: 20 Minutes Everyday


My summertime goal

A Summertime goal for me is 20 Minutes Everday.

20 Minutes of reading,

of memorizing the Word,

of writing,

of walking,

of playing the piano,

of cleaning out,

of stretching or lifting weights,

of gardening.

20 minutes everyday adds up.  Over a two days, a week, a month.

20 minutes everyday is doable.

20 minutes fits me this summer.

I can do 20 minutes everyday.

If I just do 20 minutes, then I will see results this summer. A SURSEE for sure.

What about you?  What are you going to do for 20 minutes everyday  this summer?  Do tell.  It encourages me to hear how you will use your 20 Minutes?




Stop Wearing Pants That Don’t Fit

Stop wearing pants that don't fit

Right now, I want you to stop wearing those pants you don’t like.  You know the ones that are too tight, too loose, too short, too long.  The ones you have had for years, and they look like it, but you don’t have another pair of white pants, so you keep them and really don’t feel great in them.

I am writing this as I sit in my white pants.  The ones that are ages old and look it.  Not a cool kind of retro look old– a saggy baggy kind of old.  I feel a little frumpy in them.

While we are at it, let’s talk about bras, too.  I  bought new bras today.  Ugh-mo. Needed them.  Needed her to measure and tell me what my real bra size should be.  I was so offfffff!

Have you been measured and  bought a new bra recently?   If you can’t remember, then sistah, you need to go get measured and buy a new bra!  Stop wearing bras that don’t fit.

I thought of you when I was standing in the dressing room.  I know I needed a little push to buy the bra.  And the new pants.  Do YOU?  I am giving you permission to stop wearing pants you don’t like.  Or that shirt.  Or the dress that just doesn’t do it anymore. Or bras that are too old or don’t fit.

Get rid of those clothes in your closet and only keep what you love.  There are so many blog posts and articles about Capsule Closets or 10 Piece Wardrobes,  and I think there is something to these ideas.  Get rid of stuff in your closet that you just don’t like and is taking up room.   Ask a friend to help you.  Ask your husband.  Clean out and only wear what you LOVE.  Ahhh.

Let’s purge our closet at the start of summer and be free!  A clean closet will be a little Sursee for you and your summer.  Be brave and tell me how you did!




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