Saturday Sursee :: Move Every Day

You have got to move it, move it

Hey gals, if you are like me you probably made some exercise and fitness goals for the year.  One of mine that I make every year is to Move Every Day.  That means just what it sounds like, nothing big and grandiose, but it does mean to Move Every Day.  Take a walk. Vacuum.  Work in the garden. Stretch.  Do Yoga or an exercise Class.  Park farther away from the door of the grocery store.  Something.

If I move it everyday, then sometimes, the little walk I started will turn into a longer two mile walk and before you know it, you will be moving it down the road day after day.

Sometimes it is just the decision to put on the tennies.  Then, with shoes on, I am out the door and moving.

Lately I have been lifting weights with some other gals and that has been super motivating to know that they are there, at the gym, waiting for me.  I have many times wanted to not come, but I  just moved it out the door and joined them.  Once I am done, I am always so thankful I made the choice to move it.

So your Saturday Sursee, is to get up and move it today and tomorrow.  Let me know what you did.


Saturday Sursee :: An Easy To-Do List That Moves

To Do List Magic 2

A friend of mine shared how she bought a little composition notebook and is keeping her to-do list in it.

Whatever she doesn’t get done today,  she moves to tomorrow.

No worries.  Just move it to the next day.

I like doing this too, because I have found that when I write it down, I get it out of my brain and free up more space to think and dream. And, I don’t have to wrestle with trying to remember everything I need to do.  I just write it down.  And if I don’t get to it today, I move it to tomorrow. Simple.  Keeps me moving forward.

To Do List Magic

I personally have found I enjoy a book like the one above that can open and lie flat.  You get to decide what works best for you.

The Sursee for you is: Don’t be afraid of a to-do list. Don’t be afraid to move something down to the next day.

We are looking for progress not perfection, gals.



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