What Summer Looks Like At Sursee Gal’s House


Fairy Pool

Ahhh, July 29th, the smack dab middle of summah?  Well, I am going to pretend it is. Ha ha.

I feel like this summer has flown by on the wings of a wedding and down a red jeep ride on the mountains and then slid smack into a week of laying on my couch.

What? That is not what I was planning back on Memorial Day. But, oh the plans of the Lord are ‘oft different than what I make. And oh, how great and grand they are.  Weeks full of friendships and fun. Weeks full of family and saying, ” I do” and celebrating and oh, the dancing.  Weeks full of resting and reading.  A week full of doubt and worry here and there. Oh yes, I do that, too. And then I wake up and remember that He has picked me to do His work, and I get back at it.  Work that doesn’t seem important in the big scheme of things, but is.  Work where I can’t see the end results.  Wait, isn’t that all of life?  Why is that so hard for me to grasp?

When the kids were little, I was always wondering what it would be like for them to be a little older and I would have a little more time and now, here I am.  They are older and I have more time and what to do with it?

I want to learn to lean into and live the days I have. Why is that so hard in every season?  And it seems like just when I figure out how to do it, the season changes. The life changes.

Ah change, you are my nemesis. I want to learn to lean into change and EMBRACE it.  Embrace is a good word.  It feels cozy and warm and like something I want to do.

 Lord, help me learn how to embrace the change in a cozy, warm way, instead of fighting it and running from it and holding up my fists to it.  Open my hands, Lord. They are grasping, gripping and I want open hands that receive and thank, but I need you to do that. 

So that is my prayer as I stand on the edge of July and look forward into August.

Lord, Help me to EMBRACE the days you give me, with all of the plans and people and see all the CHANGE as your good gift.

A little Sursee thinking for you. What change do you resist? Do tell.


My Summertime Goal :: 20 Minutes Everyday


My summertime goal

A Summertime goal for me is 20 Minutes Everday.

20 Minutes of reading,

of memorizing the Word,

of writing,

of walking,

of playing the piano,

of cleaning out,

of stretching or lifting weights,

of gardening.

20 minutes everyday adds up.  Over a two days, a week, a month.

20 minutes everyday is doable.

20 minutes fits me this summer.

I can do 20 minutes everyday.

If I just do 20 minutes, then I will see results this summer. A SURSEE for sure.

What about you?  What are you going to do for 20 minutes everyday  this summer?  Do tell.  It encourages me to hear how you will use your 20 Minutes?




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